Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Alternative Portrait: The Little Things

'The Little Things'

Sometimes clients ask for different ideas concerning portraits of their children, for whatever reason they want something a little different from the conventional portrait. It could be that they already have a fantastic portrait but they still want to mark an occasion.

 I had already taken a traditional portrait of the clients baby at around 2 weeks old. The client wanted to mark six months with something a little different so together we decided on the above image.

The client had gone through a number of images from my portfolio and was particularly interested in the close cropping of a subject matter, two example's come from two different shoots for the Fashion Designer Charmaine Southworth.
Fashion Designer: Charmaine Southworth

Fashion Designer: Charmaine Southworth

The photograph was combined with Plaster of Paris handprints of the baby's hands to reinforce just how tiny the baby's hands were at the time. They were then framed together in a box frame to create a wonderful memento of a time that once past the client will never get back.

I used a single soft box positioned to my right-hand side and south east of the subject to light the scene. Alternatively a large window that provides natural light would have been effective in providing a soft lighting.

The room I was in did not have any windows offering me a natural lighting option.

I personally avoid flash photography when photographing children and would recommend anyone whom wishes to take better images to do so too. The flash not only disorientates and distracts the child but it looks disjointed, harsh and artificial.

Do not get me wrong an external Flash is an extremely useful piece of kit and when used correctly can provide not only fantastic results but creative ones too.

When photographing children and women it's always better to air on softer lighting as it looks better particularly natural light.

Keep it simple!

I used a wide aperture of 1.6, this helped to create the blurring in the background so that the hands were the main focus. The subject's denim dungarees provided an interesting texture while the blurring of the silver buckles create an interesting shape and effect. I made sure to include the little star pattern on the shoulder to enhance the background of the hands.

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