Thursday, 21 November 2013

'Untitled' Kodak BW400CN

Untitled' Scanned Print, Photographer: J Kenny

This still was taken from a roll of KodakBW 400CN. Shot at the end of August of this year using a 35mm Canon FTb with a 35mm-85mm zoom lens attached.
It is my first time using this particular roll of film and I've to say I quite like the results. I used to use Ilford XP2 a fair bit this was mainly down to my inexperience with developing actual black and white film. These kinds of black and white films are processed using the C 41 process, the same process used to develop colour film. Making it easier and cheaper to have them developed by whatever photography store you use.

The problem however with these films is that in order for you to get the best results you need to have them printed onto black and white paper rather then colour as the later can result in off colour images. This is true in particular for Ilford XP2, but if you get them printed on black and white paper you get a really nice rich tone. The problem of course is explaining this to the printer, who more often then not will be restricted in what they can offer, or simply can't be bothered and prompt you to send it away to another lab for processing.

Every now and then I might use Ilford XP2, but these days I tend to stick with actual black and white film, my top 3 favourites in no particular order are:

Kodak 400TX
Ilford Delta 100
Ilford Delta 400

Of course I haven't tried every film out there this is purely my own opinion. Personally I find Kodak 400TX to be extremely good as well as forgiving if the film ever needs pushing or pulling depending on available light at the time of shooting.

I would recommend anyone who is interested in photography to learn how to develop black and white film, it's not that difficult, there are loads of YouTube instructional videos showing you how. You will save yourself a lot of money and perhaps the most important fact and point you will have 100% control over how your images look. Even if you use Digital photography exclusively at this point in time film development is still worth knowing how to do and it's super fun especially when you see your first image appear.

A few links to online resources:

Ilford Photo Getting Started.

Ilford Photo resources: 'Processing Your First Black and White Film'. 

I Still Shoot Film is one of the best film photography websites to date with mass amounts of information and learning resources. 

And finally the online store will be going through some changes this month so please bear with us while the updates take place. 

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Friday, 1 November 2013

Liverpool Fashion Week Special

Fashion Designer Leelielou's Popup Store

Lead Singer Zara of Audio Zero performing.

'Lambrini Girls'

Fashion Designer: Leelielou's Collection.

Fashion Designer: Leelielou's Collection.

Fashion Designer: Leelielou's Collection.

Fashion Designer: Leelielou's Collection.

Fashion Designer Leelielou with two models modelling her Collection.

Leelielou's Collection was well received.

Dora Bauer's Collection.

Dora Bauer's Collection.

Dora Bauer's Collection.

For more photographs of Liverpool Fashion Week please go to the Golden Frog Studio Facebook Page

Some useful links:

Leelielou's Twitter page: @leelielou

Dora Bauer's Twitter Page: @dorabauerdesign

Studio's Twitter Page: @gfrogstudio

The 20% off Promotional code has now expired, but don't despair there will be one more before the year finishes.

Absolutely love Black Sabbath's '13' album. I gave in about 10 days ago and bought it on vinyl and boy I'm glad I did. 

Check it out because you won't be disappointed it blows Megadeth's 'Super Collider' out of the water. Not that Super Collider is a "bad" album it's just not as good as '13', in my humble opinion. 

Right I'm off to finish eating Halloween sweets and cakes, and watch some more horror movies, enjoy the weekend.

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