Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Liverpool Fashion Week

Liverpool Fashion Week

Taken at Liverpool Fashion week, a taster of what's to come over the next few days, including Photography of Leelielou's new collection and  Dora Bauer's.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fashion Designer: Charmaine Southworth Fashion shoot 2013

Photographer: John Kenny

Photographer: John Kenny
Fashion Designer: Charmaine Southworth (charmaine.southworth[at]
Model: Charmaine Southworth
Assistant: LeeAnne Kenny

All Photographs are owned by Golden Frog Studio Photographer John Kenny, if you would like to use any please get in contact with the studio first and we will provide a written consent form. Thank you.

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Reign Of Fury's 'World Detonation'. This is a great album, if you are a fan of the older trash metal bands such as Megadeth then you should give them a listen. They have added their own unique twist, " Old School Trash the new way!". You can find them here!

Speaking of Megadeth we are also listening to the new album 'Super Collider', I've not made my mind up about this album yet and in all honesty I have only listened to it a couple of times.

That's about it, I'm off to do a Portrait shoot now.

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Friday, 11 October 2013

LeeLieLou Liverpool Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 14

LeeLieLou will be showing a brand new collection on Monday night ( 14th October 2013 ) at Liverpool Fashion Week, needless to say we are all super proud of her here at the Golden Frog Studio and can guarantee from a sneak peak that the new collection looks fantastic!

You can follow her on Twitter or go to her website.

We wish her and everyone else who is partaking in Liverpool Fashion Week the best of luck!

Fashion Designer: LeeLieLou

Photographer: John Kenny
Fashion Designer: LeeLieLou (LeeAnne Kenny) (Twitter: @leelielou)
Model: Ruth Hudson
Hair and Makeup Artist: Jeannette Kenny (Twitter: @JMKMakeup)

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