Wednesday, 12 December 2012

'The station' Canon FTb and Ilford XP2

'The Station' Scanned Print. Canon FTb
Shot with a canon FTb using Ilford XP2 film. I opted to go for an effect famously known in french as 'Contre-jour',  which translates 'Against daylight'. Space was limited, there was roughly about thirty people walking around, I was in a queue at the time waiting to buy a train ticket stood behind a very attractive french woman, the ticket desk is to the left just outside the shot, the gentleman's wife was stood to the right out of frame scolding the gentleman to hurry on.
He didn't acknowledge her instead he continued to read whatever headline on the front page of the newspaper had caught his attention. I know I rushed this shot because I felt he would move away any second, I'm not entirely happy with the composition but it's a lesson for next time.

Lately when out and about I have chosen to limit my photographic equipment to try and inspire a little inventive creativity. I'll be honest I'm not sure if it is working, I am certainly learning the limits and capabilities of my chosen equipment but am I getting better shots? I can't say yet as it is too soon.

I currently chose what format I wish to shoot in for the day, medium, 35mm or digital? after I have made my decision I will bring one lens only. If I decide to shoot with film I will also decide on colour or black and white film normally the weather will be the deciding factor in that decision. I doubt very much that I will continue with this process of working as it is a little too restricting, at the very least a second lens.

Personally I favour fixed lenses over zoom lenses, this is because I love being forced to move around to try and find or in some cases accidentally discovering a better composition. Of course there are times when I use zoom lenses especially for events such as Sports, weddings and charity nights as well as when I want to capture wildlife where distance is an advantage and allows one to capture images of wildlife that would normally be spooked by a humans presence.

Next post will be about the new project that I am currently working on.

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Monday, 3 December 2012

Street Portrait

Untitled' Scanned Print Canon FTb
Taken with a Canon FTb using Ilford XP2. This is a Street portrait shot in a small town in Portugal. The gentleman kindly let me take his photograph. He was sat watching the people pass by, a very friendly person. It's great when you meet people like this, it can be a mixed bag of reactions when you are out on the street with a camera. I shot six rolls of film over a two day period in this particular town.

I'm currently studying Edouard Boubat's work while working on two of my own series of images that I hope to have finished sometime in the spring. The weather this past few weeks has really hindered the shots that I had planned, so I am having to take things a little slower and be somewhat inventive with certain shots.

I'm currently reading 'Sive' by John B Keane a fantastic writer well worth a look if you get a chance.

The new series of 'The Killing' on BBC Four has been ace! I can't believe it is the last series as well. Sofie Gråbøl who plays the lead detective Sarah Lund is a fantastic actress and I can't wait to see what she has lined up next.

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