Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dress Rehearsal: The Mask Behind The Face

Dress Rehearsal for The Mask Behind The Face.You can see the rest of the photographs from this shoot by visiting the official Golden Frog Studio Facebook Page!

'tbtl 4069' Actress: Rebecca J Lea Canon 500D 

'tbtl 4412' Actress: Rebecca J Lea Canon 500D

All Photographs are owned by Golden Frog Studio Photographer John Kenny.

Photographer: John Kenny

Equipment used:
Canon 500D
Canon 50mm f1.4


Singer and Actress: Rebecca J Lea
Singer and Actor: Jonathan Ainscough
Piano: Peter Foggitt
Director: Katherine Wilde

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Take care of one another


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sibling Portrait

'Sibling Portrait' Canon FTb 

Taken with a Canon FTb using Ilford XP2 film. I'm reflected in the sunglasses which was intentional.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Make Up Artist Portrait

'Make up Artist' Canon 500D

I took this photograph at the end of Fashion Designer Lee Anne Kenny's outdoor shoot back in June.

I already had the camera raised to take a photograph of someone else but abandoned it and took this portrait instead. It was the light reflected in her eyes that made me take the shot. The look of surprise was just a happy accident.

At the time the designer had asked for 'sundrenched images', so I was purposely over exposing shots and using wide aperture settings to drench the model in light and exaggerate the flares. Check out the link to the shoot to see examples.

The 'washed out' effect really works well with this portrait exaggerating the warm honey browns of her irises. I've been asked if I've altered the colours in post the answer is no, the only alteration this image has had has been reducing the size from 49.49x33 inches to 33x22 inches so I could upload it.

Take care of one another