Friday, 23 March 2012

Canon FTb 35mm Ilford Delta 400 Portrait

"David" Canon FTb Scanned 8 x 12 Print

New prints added to the Online shop.

Currently preparing for the Exhibition in April. For people who can't get there then don't worry the new work will be for sale through the studio shop too and I will get a few shots of the opening night for a Blog post. You can also follow the Studio through Twitter for updates @gfrogstudio or click the links to the left. We are also on Facebook.

If you can make it then great there will be free food generously put on by the Hanuman Gallery and Thai cuisine. You can see their website here and they can also be found on Facebook.

I'm loving the I Still Shoot Film website at the moment, Fantastic photographs and quality articles on all things related to film Photography. If you get a chance check it out, the Twitter link is @stillshootfilm.

I'm rereading Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk a great book that was adapted into a decent film by David Fincher back in 1999 staring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter.

The film sticks closely to the book although there are some differences so if you haven't read the book then I would recommend it.
 Both the film and book promotes an ideology of attaining balance in our lives and not to be worrying about materialistic pursuits, by achieving this our relationships will thrive. Unfortunately the message got lost somewhat in the critics over hype of the violence.

The studio will be posting a new promotional code that can be used on the Online store in the next few days.

Take care of one another

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

April Exhibition Confirmed For John Kenny

For more information you can follow the studio on Twitter @gfrogstudio or click the links to the left. More information will be posted on the Blog too.

Take care of one another

Because Headgear Matters

Samsung S1030
Shot using a Samsung S1030 point and shoot digital camera.

Last year I felt like I missed so much because I forgot to bring a camera or thought I didn't need one for the occasion. The whole thing got embarrassing so I made a new years resolution back in January to go nowhere without a camera no matter if it's the Canon FTb, a DSLR or a simple point and shoot like the Samsung S1030 used to take the above shot. The resolution is going good so far. I don't always use it or take awe-inspiring shots every time but it's good knowing I can shoot anything that captures my interest because I have the opportunity to.

I'm really busy with Online orders and framing projects which of course is fantastic but also the reason for the lack of posts. The introduction of mounting both professional and the Spicer Hallfield Gatefold Mount options have been a success. We have a limited supply of the Spicer Hallfield Gatefold Mounts left so grab yours while you can.

I'm currently reading 'The Human Animal: The Mystery of Man's Behaviour' by Hans Hass, so far an excellent read and well worth a look. 

There are various ridiculously competitive games of Chess and Scrabble going on here which I am not ashamed to say I'm in the middle of.

My Chess game is improving and there are some inventive words flying around the scrabble board, although some people cheat and try to claim trigamortis is a condition that happens before rigamortis you know who you are and your high score that you're currently parading around Twitter is in question :-).

I have an exhibition coming up in April check back in a few days for more information or follow the studio via Twitter or Facebook (links on the left) for lots of  up to the minute information concerning the studio, Exhibitions and Online shop sales.

Currently on season three of The Wire, we are all loving this at the moment and can't believe we missed it first time around. John Lee Hookers That's My Story is currently on the turntable with ace tunes like No more Doggin and I need Money  a fantastic album.

Take a peek at the Online shop.

Take care of one another