Saturday, 18 February 2012

"Eating a Treat" Ilford XP2 400 35mm

"1" Canon FTb Scanned print

"2" Canon FTb Scanned print

"3 Snout" Canon FTb Scanned print

"4" Canon FTb Scanned print

Not had any of the dog in awhile so here he is eating a treat. I posted "Snout" before but as it is from this shoot I thought I would include it again in the order I shot it.

I took these shots late September, a very fast 3-5 minutes sitting with a single treat. To be prepared I had all the camera settings ready and made sure I had the appropriate lens attached before I went hassling the dog.

Animals tend to bore very fast and the camera lens can make them a bit on edge as to them it resembles a giant eye. When it comes to most animals, humans included staring without blinking is intimidating and comes across threatening anyone with any canine experience will tell you it's an act of war and best avoided. So what do you do to combat this when you want to photograph your dog? and other pets.

At all times the animal must be comfortable and at ease. If they are stressing out you will know by their behaviour. This is why short sessions are best. Sometimes I will sit with my own dog for 15 minutes or more so he is relaxed and then I will take a few quick shots and stop.

'Still no. 5' from the Descension Series was shot in much of the way I just described however the dog at the time was watching a butterfly so I knew I had only one shot before he would move to try and catch it. The vertical lines created by the gate really add to the scene and were exaggerated by using a smaller aperture setting to encourage longer shadows. In my opinion it's a great shot and one of my favourites. The Butterfly lived because the clicking of the shutter distracted the dog long enough for it to escape.

Another shot from the Descension Series took a lot longer, 'Still no. 8' as mentioned in the linked post took the best part of half a day setting up. This is purely because I had a predetermined shot in my head that I wanted to capture. Although there was a lot of preparation and working with the dog I only shot 6 stills for the session.

Then there are shots like this were it is literally right place right time. I was setting up to shoot a portrait of him and he yawned. I took the shot and also took a few portrait shots but on the roll this was by far the most interesting. I gave this print to my youngest sister as she liked it so much.

To make it easier and if you have the option you could chose to use a longer lens such as a 70 - 300mm that way you do not have to get too close to the animal and avoid agitation altogether. I hope this helps a little.

I have just finished doing a giant overhaul of the online store hence the Portrait only post earlier this week. Lots of changes have been made and more products have been added including new fine art photography prints as well as various mounting options.

The studio has a limited supply of Spicer Hallfield Slip-In Gatefold folder mounts, as well as a professional mounting option.

Fine art print in a Spicer Hallfield Gatefold folder mount 

Fine art print 2 in a Spicer Hallfield Gatefold folder mount

Professional Mount option done in house

The Frequently Asked Questions section has also been updated and if there are any more queries please let me know and I will address them.

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I'm currently listening to "The Best Of Otis Redding" and "The Temptations Greatest Hits" the latter a birthday present from my sisters.

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Portrait Kodak Ektar 100 35mm

"Untitled Portrait" Canon FTb Scanned 8 x 12 print 

Taken with a Canon FTb using a 50mm f/1.4 lens. Kodak Ektar 100.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Same Subject, Different Intentions

Okay as I promised back in Novembers Blog post 'Kerria japonica "Plenifora" AKA Japanese Yellow Rose' here are a few examples of the same subject (Japanese Yellow Rose) shot with different intentions.

This is basically to show that a little planning in the composition department goes along way as does the choice of film (If you are using film) and aperture settings. 

Some of these shots have been posted before so I shall attach links to each one to provide extra information.

"Untitled 102" From the "Original Sin Series" Scanned print

Notes on "Untitled 102"

Taken from the 'Original Sin series' I think this was probably the first shot I took of a 'Kerria japonica "Plenifora" AKA Japanese Yellow Rose'. I used a Bronica ETRsi medium format camera. Just like the 'Descension series' this print comes with text/verse that I am currently working on to create a limited edition Artist Book .

"Untitled 120" Canon FTb Scanned print

Notes on "Untitled 120"

I posted this back in May 2011 with no text attached only that it was a 35mm print and the film I used was Kodak Ektar 100. I think the shot explains itself really, I was interested in the yellow on blue and knew very well that the Ektar film would exaggerate the vibrancy of both colours.

 At the time I was also playing about with the subject matter creeping into the frame. Actually now that I look back at last years body of work I tried this a lot especially with this subject matter and even in the more recent "Untitled 502".

Although I like this print mainly because of the vibrant blue and yellow and the "Untitled 502" I think in all honesty I wanted the composition to work a lot more then it actually did.

Untitled Canon FTb Scanned print  

Notes on Untitled

The film I used was Ilford XP2 35mm, Simple test of over exposure. Nothing really more to add. The foliage at the bottom right and top left are intentional.

Untitled Canon EOS 500D

Notes on Canon EOS 500D Shot

Taken with a Canon EOS 500D, I wish it could have been brighter but I did the best with what I had. I took this in the first week of owning the camera. You definitely need a faster lens for low light work the standard EF-S 18-55 mm f/ 3.5-5.6 Lens that the Canon EOS 500D comes with doesn't cut it. Don't get me wrong it is a very good lens very sharp I shot 'Snapshot' with the same setup but it can sometimes restrict your creative intentions.

I know that some of my reservations towards this camera are based upon me being a bit of a Luddite toward Digital cameras at 28 too! I blame it on Terminator. But as I use digital cameras a lot more I am slowly beginning to like them. As most photographers will tell you there are pros and cons to both Film and Digital cameras a discussion best kept for another time as I don't want this post descending into an argument.

I have of course taken some fantastic Portraits with this setup, I will definitely invest in a faster lens most likely the 1.4, I am lucky enough to own both a 50mm 1.4 and 1.2 lens for the Canon FTb 35mm Camera and both are amazing lenses.

Untitled Ektar shot. Canon FTb Scanned Print

Notes on Untitled Ektar shot

A purposely over exposed shot using Ektar 100 film in a Canon FTb. Basic test shot exploring the vibrancy of the film and effects upon colour with a slight over exposure.  
I probably should have paid more attention to composition however as this was a test shot and colour was my primary concern the composition came second as long as I got a large portion of the green foliage behind the yellow flower heads.

It helps to make small notes when you can about what settings you have used a very basic catalogue of information will help you recreate the same effects later on with a smaller margin for errors.

A pro of digital is that the majority of the digital cameras save the information for you so you don't have to worry about it. Although it is good practise to have some knowledge of  settings so you can recreate a shot.

Untitled Bronica ETRSi Scanned Print

Notes on Untitled Bronica ETRSi

This was shot using Ilford Delta 400 again using a Bronica ETRSi medium format camera.
I Remember that it was the cluster of flower heads that I liked the most, wanting to capture them white on a dark background. I overexposed somewhat just to make sure the flower heads did not photograph as grey (Remember they are not a pale flower but a very rich yellow). I hate the white piece of wood in the background and wish it wasn't there as it distracts a lot from the flowers. I shot this again on a Canon FTb using Ilford Xp2 400 and dropped a black cloth over the background, I lose the nice vertical and horizontal lines of the wooden panel but at least the white piece of wood is not there anymore. I will scan a copy of the mentioned print so ye can see at a later date.

Untitled 2 Bronica ETRSi Scanned Print

Notes on Untitled 2 Bronica ETRSi

I shot Untitled 2 after I developed the previous Untitled Bronica ETRSi

I like this shot a lot and have it mounted and framed decorating my own home. I have a lot more of this subject and as soon as I find the time I will start scanning so ye can see. The shots featured in this Blog are just a few examples.

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'Untitled 504' from the Twas The Night Before Christmas post.

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'Untitled 506' from the Tulip Mania post.

'Untitled 507' from the Tulip Mania Part 2 post.

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Friday, 3 February 2012

What did the leaves name their son?

"Untitled 508" Canon FTb Scanned 8 x 12 Print


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Notes on "Untitled 508"

In this shot I was interested in the texture of the leaves (emphasised by the film grain) and the zagging of the branches in the background. I wanted it loosely to be like a film still, passing the leaves and focusing in on the the background where the action begins.

The shot did its job as in it is a precursor shot for another shot I am in the process of setting up, I am currently working through notes/sketches first and hope to begin shooting in the next few weeks. If it works and I get the still I want I will link it back to this so ye can see what I mean.

I will be putting a few of the prints from this series up for sale in the shop  next week for a short period so if you really liked one of them then here is your chance to purchase a print.

I am currently reading Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess in a desperate attempt to improve my mediocre Chess Playing. I started watching The Wire recently because of BBCs Luther which features Idris Elba as John Luther. He was really good in it so I thought I would give The Wire ago, I know I'm a few years behind but glad I finally started it is great although I have to watch it with the subtitles on because I've no clue what anyone is saying with all the street slang :-). It's funny how every region in every country has developed their own over time.

Another ace show Supernatural has some interesting use of language, They are constantly saying to each other "lets shag ass" or "we best shag ass out of here" in England and Ireland the word 'shag' means something completely different and you would definitely wanna buy the person a drink before you ask.

Another one that really irritates my eldest sister is the pronunciation of Eejit on the show by the character Bobby singer. He likes to Say id jet, maybe in America that's how ye pronounce it like some weird cross breed of idiot and Eejit. Correct pronunciation eee-jit. Let me know if it's a proper pronunciation of the word in America.

Finally on one of my favourite American comedy shows Frasier, Health care worker/maid Daphne is from England she is constantly saying fanny which in America means butt however in England that term is a nice way of saying Vagina, young children tend to say it. Daphne is also meant to be from Manchester a place where the word fanny is well used and known.

It isn't a big deal but since the actress is actually English you would think she would have let them all know.

I thought I would get a few Potatoes in the ground earlier this week since we seemed to have been having such a mild winter however my plans were scuppered with the weather changing. It was -10c last night and hasn't really been getting up past -1c during the day, I found the dog licking a block of ice from his water bowl this morning I changed it and ended up changing it again this evening.

I don't normally mind the cold but I have been noticing it this week especially in the evenings. The weather report says -4c tonight but in Moscow it's -21c puts it in perspective really.

I have gone on long enough, hope it wasn't too boring I know there wasn't much information on the actual print but there wasn't much to say.

Thanks a lot for sticking with the Blog check back on Monday for a new post.

Take care of one another