Sunday, 22 January 2012

Tulip Mania Part 2

"Untitled 507" Canon FTb Scanned 8 x 12 Print

Notes on "Untitled 507"

Double lily-flowered tulips. I find the leaves photograph exceptionally well in black and white or colour, The leaves are dense and firm but not as dramatic or rigid as the leaves of the Rhododendron. I was interested in tonality and shape when taking this shot. I liked the shape of the two flowers as well as the twisting of the leaves. A little moving around and I found the composition I wanted.

For the composition I wanted the flower heads to lead the eye into the image and I think I was successful with this.

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I am currently listening to The Pogues 'If I Should Fall From Grace With God'  LP on my new record player that my two sisters bought me for Christmas, Spoilt beyond belief I am. I have heard this album on CD but the Vinyl is so warm It is of course one of their best albums featuring the Christmas favourite 'Fairytale of New York' and other amazing tunes including the title song 'If I Should Fall From Grace with God', 'Fiesta' and 'The Turkish Song of the Damned'.

Whenever I listen to this album I realise just how great of a writer Shane Macgowan used to be.

Nearly all of The Pogues albums I own are on vinyl because believe it or not six seven years ago you could pick up a vinyl on EBay for as cheap as £1 and the Cd's were £15. But it seems vinyl is back in fashion and it has become cool again so you would be lucky to find a lousy condition Pogues Vinyl for under a tenner.

I'm eating the last of the christmas cake, Is it wrong to want to bake another in January?

That's all I have for now, Check back next week for the last shot of the series.

Take care of one another


Monday, 9 January 2012

Tulip Mania

"Untitled 506" Canon FTb Scanned 8 x 12 Print

The amount of different varieties and hybrids of tulips is astonishing, some of these I end up second guessing whether or not it is actually a tulip or a different flower altogether.

"Untitled 504" was a tulip something I completely forgot to mention in that post my bad. There is some debate to where the tulip originated from, but it is thought Asia. The different varieties and hybrids are generally agreed to have originated from the 'Tulipa gesneriana'. Europe quickly took a liking to the tulip and soon Tulip Mania took hold, especially in Holland who to this day continue to breed vast amounts of different tulips. The national flower of Holland is the tulip.

There are some pretty impressive looking tulips such as:
Lily-flowered tulip
Fringed tulip
Parrot tulip
Rembrandt tulip

The Rembrandt tulip was actually a diseased tulip causing striping in the petals. The disease although causing aesthetically pleasing petals would eventually damage the bulb.

Crossbreeding of tulips is now so advanced and complicated that specialists are able to breed tulips that resemble the Rembrandt tulip but does not carry the bulb damaging disease.

Finally the tulip is from the 'Liliaceae' family aka lily family.

  Notes on "Untitled 506"

I approached this shot using the same birds eye view technique as "Untitled 505". the flower heads were in different stages of opening and I wanted to capture it. The flower heads make a very nice four point diamond shape while the leaves of the tulip and a small shrub provide the textured background. I blurred the background best I could so the flower heads were not lost in the foliage.
I framed this print over the weekend and it looks pretty good, to me anyway.

I'm currently reading Emerson's essays on Self Reliance and Nature while dipping into "The Collected Poems of Patrick Kavanagh".

Patrick Kavanagh wrote the famous 'Raglan Road' a poem that Luke Kelly of the Dubliners liked so much that he put to the music of  Fáinne Geal an Lae (The Dawning of the Day in English).

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Take care of one another

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bellis Perennis 'Common Daisy'

"Untitled 505" Canon FTb Scanned 8 x 12 Print

Firstly happy new year to everyone! I hope ye all had a good new years eve with lots of drink and food but most of all good company.

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Notes On "Untitled 505"

I normally avoid taking birds eye view shots of daisies mainly because they are not to my taste, however I have shot some daisy shots mainly at a slight angle or the worms eye view (opposite to the birds eye) with the intention of capturing the petals or stem. In this attempt I was interested in the texture and tonality created by the grass and leaves just like in "Untitled 500" against the flower heads.
Although the daisies look scattered and disorganised there is some order, Starting from the top left corner and spreading out to the right. The eye should naturally go from left to right. I could have had the daisies fill the entire print as there were 3 fields of them but as the grass texture was my main concern I left the bottom of the print free from any daisies so that there was a complete strip of rich dark tones?

You might be thinking geez if you're so gone on the tonality and texture created by the grass just photograph that on its own, well I did smarty pants and it just looks monotonous. I believe that in this photograph the darker tones created by the grass need the contrast of the daisies to hold it together just like "Untitled 500".

"Untitled 505" was taken while I was waiting to shoot "Untitled 504".

Anyone catch BBCs adaptation of Great Expectations featuring Gillian Anderson (Scully from X Files) Ray Winstone as Abel Magwitch and Douglas Booth as Pip? It was pretty good well worth a search on I Player if you didn't see it.
Gillian Anderson stared in Henrik Ibsen's 'A Dolls House' at the  Donmar Warehouse Theatre back in 2009 something I really wish I had been able to see but couldn't due to an exhibition.

One of my favourite Playwrights Henrik Ibsen writer of A Dolls House and Peer Gynt paired with Gillian Anderson whats not to like.

Speaking of Henrik Ibsen I'm very excited to see the Tate Modern are Exhibiting Edvard Munch (June - October 2012) I got to see his work back in 2005 at the Royal Academy of Arts and I was not disappointed so eagerly awaiting the summer.

I think I have rambled on enough, If you get a chance check out the shop. Any questions or comments stick them below or email me.

Take care of one another