Monday, 30 May 2011

Self Portrait Canon EOS 500D

Self Portrait Canon EOS 500D
Manual Exposure
Shutter Speed: 1/80
Aperture: 6.3
ISO: 1600

Tests in perspective, line, lighting, and negative space.

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Friday, 27 May 2011

'Snapshot' Canon EOS 500D

"Snapshot" Canon EOS 500D By J Kenny
Manual Exposure
Shutter Speed: 1/160
ISO: 400

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Monday, 23 May 2011

Long over due post part 1

I have been postponing this blog update for sometime now due to the hectic schedule of the past few weeks. I have of course been posting photo only updates to try and at least make an effort and have something each week. I feel kind of bad doing that and not posting a comment must do better.

Most of my previous posts were just test shots so there was little to be said about them anyway. I will however just state again flowers are an excellent subject for practising your photography, testing films, light, tonality and compositions, they are also aesthetically pleasing and therefore make for agreeable decoration and tend to sell well.

Two examples below Just to show what I mean, The Untitled daisies shot was the precursor for the “Descension series still no. 8”. You may or may not be able to tell but that shot of the Daisies helped me to work out tonality and composition for the following “Descension series still no. 8”. Something that I wanted to achieve before taking the shot.

"Untitled" Daisies Canon FTb 35mm
"still no. 8" From the Descension series Canon FTb 35mm
 “Descension series still no. 8” may look like a happy accident but it was not. It took best part of a half day to set up mainly because it involved the dog and I needed him to relax enough and stop charging around like a bull. His placement was predetermined along with what the background would contain.

Afterward The Daisies print was framed and went to my youngest sister.

At the moment I am tinkering about with the creeping of the subject matter into the frame, an example can be seen on a previous post titled "Untitled 120".
This current fixation comes from my illustration work (I promise to share eventually) leaking into my photographic practice. I am unsure yet if it is a good or bad thing I am having varying degrees of results that I hope to put into practice in my next series "Fairytales".

I am swamped at the moment but strangely not with making Art, its the business side, paperwork, deliveries, invoicing, ordering of office supplies its intolerable but a necessity, the past few weeks have been filled with nothing but mounting and framing prints.
 Its repetitive but I do enjoy it, I find it therapeutic and calming plus its always a thrill to see your work framed and ready to go off into the world.

I am in the process of designing postcards and greeting cards which is taking up a lot more time then I initially thought and if I am honest would like, but at the same time its all very exciting.

The online shop is currently being revamped and hopefully will be done within the next few days. Exclusive new prints will be for sale along with select postcards and greeting cards, plus new services such as print mounting.

Check back to the blog soon as there will be a special treat exclusively for blog visitors to promote the upgraded online shop.

I had a recent birthday and decided I would purchase the Canon 500D a DSLR.

The Canon FTb and F1 are excellent and have been so good to me that’s why I decided to go with Canon again.
I bought it mainly for commissioned work that needs to be available ASAP, It also opens up another format that I can offer (35mm, Medium format and now digital). So far so good I like the clarity of the supplied lenses and the depth of field is impressive. I am still playing about with it at the moment and can see it has masses of potential. The lightness of the entire camera body and lens unsettles me a little as I feel its going to crumble in my hands, But I know this isn’t true I am just used to the weight of the older models.

 One criticism I do have and it is aimed towards all the new DSLRs is the complete disappearance of the left hand side of the camera body. I realise this is because its not needed anymore due to there being no need for a film chamber but I am left handed meaning now I have to hold the camera either upside down which is not practical as you need two hands to manually check and change settings the aperture ect but when you hold the camera in your left the buttons are less accessible with the right hand. This leaves me and many other lefties I imagine struggling to manage with the right hand. Apart from that it’s a good camera and I look forward to sharing test shots with ye.

A few examples of the Canon 500D including each still information. No post editing has been done except to resize for the blog.

"Untitled" Canon EOS 500D
"Untitled" Canon EOS 500D
Manual Exposure
Shutter Speed: 1/800
ISO: 400

"Yellow Rose" Caon EOS 500D

Yellow Rose Canon EOS 500D
Manual Exposure
Shutter Speed: 1/500
Aperture: 5.6
ISO: 200

The digital work at this time will not be for sale, all the prints on offer over at the shop are film only either 35mm or Medium format.

I have yacked on enough so I shall stop now. As always I love to read any feedback so let me know what ye think.

Take care of one another.

Monday, 9 May 2011

"Masters" and "Penny for your thoughts" Ilford Delta 400 35mm

"Masters" Caon FTb 35mm

"Penny for your Thoughts" Canon FTb 35mm

Both prints scanned and resized from original 8 x 12 print.