Monday, 31 January 2011

35mm Super Quick post

"Untitled Floral" 2011 Canon Ftb 35mm

"The Line" 2011 Canon Ftb 35mm

Saturday, 15 January 2011

New work old ground Happy New Year! 2011 be good to me.

Happy New Year!
Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas (If you celebrate it that is :-) as you can probably tell from the lack of updates on both the blog and shop I've been away celebrating Christmas and the new year with the family.
Which as always was great, amazing food (courtsey of my mam) and great company you can't go wrong. This year most of my presents were either Photography prints or handmade jewellery. There was also the odd book and Dvd purchase. I always feel strange giving self made items as presents like a child handing someone a macaroni picture. It seemed to go well or else everyone hid the disappointment well and like those macaroni pictures promise to display them proudly on the fridge.

As always I was spoiled with books (Currently reading James Meeks "The Peoples Act of Love" which is good so far cannibals, Murderers and crazy cults galore), Computer games Prince of persia (immediate flashbacks of my childhood)  and of course socks :-).

Also Calander and Diary for the anticipation of a very busy year fingers crossed.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who purchased work from the shop over Christmas it means alot to me that there are people out there who like my work enough to hang on their walls or give as presents to loved ones. Thank you all very much for your support.

I've been tidying things up today in the studio and came across some old prints that I think are worth sharing.

"Untitled" 2002 Canon Ftb
The first was taken way back in 2002 it is actually from the very first test roll I ran through a newly purchased second hand Canon Ftb. This print is particularly interesting for alot of reasons some personal and will probably mean little to you. Firstly the man in the photo is my grandfather, it was taken sneakily without him noticing and he has never seen it. I watched him deep in thought for a few minutes and felt something that consuming must be worth capturing so I photographed him. A few house/studio moves later the print got filed and I had not thought of it until I found it today.

To my surprise I had repeated the same image years later without realising and included it in the Descension series. Same pose the man (my father) in thought in a waiting room. By then I had begun my fascination with light and shadow. "Descension 01" was a very quick shot, I had set aperture and focal settings before raising the camera to my face as I knew the second I did it he would move. This is not as difficult as it sounds In my head I had already taken the photograph, Ansel Adams said: "You don't take a photograph, you make it" I believe him. Its great of course when the print developed looks like the photograph in your mind.
As any photographer will tell you there are times when it does not. Hope ye found that alittle interesting and it wasn't just me.
"Descension 01" Descension Series Canon Ftb

I have a listing on IMDB for a short film I was involved in entitled "The Bag Lady" by Mark Callum. I did the stills which you can see more of on the facebook page if you like.
The Bag Lady was recently shown on Sky TV channel 219 as part of their shorts season. Jeannette was the Make up Artist for this short aswell.

This year In the Golden Frog Studio Shop you can expect a few new things including Limited edition photography prints, Relief Prints, Fine Art Posters and limited edition Artist Books. As always if you see something on the blog not in the shop then please email me. I am currently working on my own projects aswell as doing stills work so I will upload examples as soon as possible. New years resolution faster blog updates.

As always thanks for reading and take care of one another.

Still from "The Bag Lady" Canon Ftb