Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas sale, Sisters, Facebook and a Sofa!

Untitled Canon F1

Some more work taken with the Canon F1 and Canon Ftb. The Canon F1 shots are from the first test roll and are abit too dark if I am honest, I like the textures of the couch fabric and wooden floor so I thought I would share. I have a number of other prints and once I get some spare time I shall upload them.

Also some more portraits as always feedback/advice and comments are greatly received. 

"Two Sisters" 1 of 2 Canon Ftb 

This is the second half but actually the first shot of the "two Sisters" double portrait, The other was uploaded in the last post.
I take alot of Childrens portraits but rarely get to use them on my blog or online site due to permission and legailty issues which I don't mind we gotta protect the tiny ankle-biters, It's just a shame sometimes as children by far can be the best kind of people to work with. They never tense up or get akward when they see a camera, they don't ask "can you make me look good" and the most genuine smile or laughter I have ever photographed has always been a childs. Yeah it takes abit of extra work and sometimes a few wasted shots but when you do get the shot you want it's worth it. The shot entitled "Hide" is not the best from that shoot but its all I can show for now.

"Hide" Canon Ftb

Of course adults make excellent subjects too but I find you have to be sneeky both the "two Sisters" Portraits were taken without them noticing as was "Descension 01" taken from the Descension series below.

"Descension 01" Descension Series Canon Ftb

The online shop now has brand new work for sale with £3 off each print and free delivery on any purchases made, saving you a minimum of £5. I am still able to deliver in time for Christmas but purchases made after the 15th December I can't promise will arrive in time for Christmas.
Take a peek you may find something you might like.

Golden Frog Studio Shop

Last but not least check out the new Facebook link to the left! I am still working it all out so its abit bare at the moment but you can now join the Golden Frog Studio Facebook page for quicker updates about the shop and blog. So if your on Facebook give it a try.

Thanks for reading Take care of one another.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Brothers, sisters and one giant bunny!

Hi sorry I disapeared there for awhile, busy busy buzzing around trying to keep a level head.
The Canon F1 arrived Ive ran a few films through it and I promise they will be uploaded as soon as I get a chance.

Theres one below that I took at our Halloween party, which was awesome! Witches, Goblins, Devils, Piggys and even a giant bunny came to celebrate.

"Untitled" Canon F1


"Oh Brother!" Bronica ETRSi

I got a message asking for more Portraits so as I like to please, heres one old and one new for your viewing pleasure.
As always I look forward to knowing what ye all think.

The online Golden Frog Studio shop

Over at the online shop,
The free delivery on all purchases over Halloween was well recieved,
 therefore I am going to extend it until late December. So go take a peek you might see something you like for yourself or a loved one. All purchases before the 18th of December should arrive in time for Christmas. 

"Two Sisters" 2 of 2 Canon Ftb