Sunday, 17 October 2010


Whoa its been a whole week and no update, I've been crazy busy this week lots of running around errands deliveries etc.

Canon Ftb 35mm scanned from contact sheet. J. Kenny

I managed to get a little developing done, The picture to the right is a scan taken directly from the contact sheet that has been handled a little too much hence scratches and marks. I've yet to make a print of this one but I hope to do it next week. This is the best from three shots taken, The unofficial title so far is "I Heart".
The young lady is my eldest sister Jeannette and the t-shirt describes her completely, full of heart, love and kindness.

I managed to pick up a second hand Canon F1 plus accessories on eBay during the week, I can't wait to test it out so check back to see how the first test roll goes. The Canon Ftb is still very much in use as is the Bronica ETRSi, I just could'nt pass up a bargain. Fingers crossed its not sent in an envelope, you laugh but that's a true story needless to say the camera did not survive the journey.

New Purchase Canon F1

Can you believe the week a Canon F1 comes on eBay Rob Zombie announces his UK tour, I'm hoping he doesn't sell out within the next three weeks but it isn't looking good as his London dates sold out within the hour. Never mind the Canon F1 is by far a better investment.
Guns n Roses play this week too but alas no tickets too costly, I seen them before any who and yes they were ace 100% better then the now disbanded Velvet Revolver, Go team Axl!
There are brand new updates over in the Golden Frog Studio Shop with sales on some prints so go check it out and as always I would love to know what ye think so feedback is greatly appreciated.

The Golden Frog Studio site is brand new and shiny so go take a peek and if you're on myspace drop me a friends request.

Golden Frog Studio Myspace site shiny and new.
Thats it, short and sweet.
Take care of one another.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Shop update.

Hi everyone

New print now for sale through Golden Frog Studio online shop.
New limited edition photographic print now for sale on the online Golden Frog Shop, so take a look and see what you all think. Link to the right.

Not much going on i've a chest infection so im out of action for a few days until I get better then back to work.

Caught Back to the Future in the Cinema the other day *nerd alert* I don't care what anyone says I love that film easily one of my favourites and now I can say i've seen it on the big screen, something I couldn't do first time around due to being only a year old :-).

Well thats my quick update for the day, im off to drink hot honey.
Take care of each other.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

New Work Onsale in the shop!


Golden Frog Studio Shop new Work!
 Brand new work has been uploaded now at The Golden Frog Studio Shop ( Link to website on the right ), Plus a sale on some prints so grab a bargain.
 Check it out let me know what you all think and as always questions and comments are more then welcome.
Take Care.


Golden Frog Studio Shop Screenshot

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

An omen of things to come.

Hi my second post!

"An Omen of Things to Come" J Kenny©

Just thought I would share a Photograph (35mm) that's from what I am currently working on, both the image and title which I've also used as the post title pretty much sums up whats going on with me and my photographic work at the moment.     

 Lately I can feel a real sense of static energy its a kind of excitement, does anyone else get that? there's a certain feeling about what you are currently doing like this is the correct path. You're so close to physically producing the ideas you have within your head that you get nervous in case you do something wrong and cause it all to disappear.

"Untitled" J Kenny©

I spent most of the past few days developing my own projects and film stills along with scanning I managed to get in a few shots. 

Here's a Print of the dog, using a medium format camera (bronica etrsi) excuse the specs of dust from the dodgy scanner. 

As always comments and feedback are more then welcome, All work belongs to me John Kenny and cannot be used/borrowed without my permission thank you kindly for obeying ( One day I will have to tell you all the horrors of European magazines and stolen photographs shudder).
Take care of one another and check out my other websites links on the right, do it you know you want to.
J. Kenny

Monday, 4 October 2010

Brand New Blog and Shop!

Hello its all up and running brand new blog and a new online shop where you can now purchase work featured within the shop or on the blog or myspace site. So make sure you keep checking back for lots of interesting stuff and goodies such as Photography, Illustrations, Halloween cards, Christmas cards, limited edition lino and woodcut prints aswell as Artist books.

Golden Frog Studio Online Shop!

Check out the screenshot!

A link can be found on the right for both the online store and the Official Golden Frog Studio website. 
I will be using my new blog to post all of the latest news and whats going on in the studio and probably little bits about whats going on in general.  

So keep coming back to find out more, and of course I can't wait for feedback so please let me know what you think take care.